The’s Casino: The End

The announcement of the closure was sent to all players via email, which we publish below:

“Dear Player,
We regret to inform you that BitSpinCasino will stop operating on the 24th November 2023.
If you have balance in your account, please make sure to cash it out before the 24th November 2023. Our team will assist you in processing all the withdrawals.
If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at
It’s been a great journey! Thank you for being a part of it.
Best regards,
The BitSpinCasino team”

They invite you to withdraw your balance, but when you request that, your withdrawal is rejected.

“It was a predictable situation – commented Roberto Santuccione, president of the Finlloyd group and a profound connoisseur of the “gaming industry”. Personally, I check all the major players in the world of betting and casinos, and I have to say that I have seen how this casino has irremediably lost, day per day, players. Very strange in a sector where the trend has been positive for years and the forecasts are even more encouraging. I personally verified that, during the phases of the game, something was wrong and I even shot a video that demonstrates how the game is not correct: the player who bets above average and wins sees his bet disappear. A bit like if the player receives the video stream deferred just enough, for a dishonest system, to adjust the winnings and avoid losses. When your bet is a loser, the system accepts it, while when it is a winner it cancels it, even resetting your balance (I have everything recorded on video). Is BitSpin closing? Personally, I am happy to hear this news: the market needs transparency and, above all, correctness. And it’s right that dishonest crafty people and scoundrels in general close down.”

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